TH7 Bodpod | Brisbane

TH7 BodyLabs Bodpod consultation

A TH7 Bod Pod Consult includes a state of the art body composition assessment as well as a 30 minute consultation with our expert in-house dietitian.

Providing an objective point of reference for your health and fitness objectives, a health consult is an ideal starting point in for a training or weight loss block.

STEP 1: Body composition assessment

Step into the Bodpod – a start of the art body composition analysis tool – and get a breakdown on your body comp. 

STEP 2: Dietitian consult (Optional)

Have an expert guide you through what your results mean for you. 

STEP 3: Personalised plan (Optional)

Work together with TH7 BodyLabs in house dietitian to create a personalised health plan to achieve your goals.