Classes & workshops

Tailored classes & workshops

For something you depend on every minute of the day, it’s so important to do right by your body because it will do right by you. All the TH7 classes and workshops available have been specifically designed to meet the needs of bodies that are put to the test, which may just be a stressful week at work, a tough training session or a long weekend run.

Meditation Class

30 mins meditation followed by 20 mins contrast therapy

PresenceClarityFocusSelf awarenessRelaxationResilience to stressful situationsStimulates parasympathetic nervous systemSelf-regulationSleep

A practice to reset, recharge and start your week mindfully. Nourish your nervous system and strengthen your mental muscle of attention and focus. 

"The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master" - meditation is training at the mind gym. Just like you go to the gym to gain muscle with resistance, the distraction you feel in a meditation is likened to the resistance you find at the gym. Every time you come back to your breath after drifting into thought, you are training your brain to focus, like a bicep curl for your brain. The untrained mind jumps from thought to thought (monkey mind). 


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