Struggling to walk up stairs and want fresh legs again?

The Normatec compression boots use compressed air to massage your limbs and stimulate lymphatic drainage to decrease inflammation, remove waste products and significantly lower blood lactate levels.

The Normatec pulse technology will transport fluid out of your limbs in order to alleviate pain and thus speed up your recovery.

INCREASE: Blood FlowMobilityRecovery

DECREASE: InflammationSorenessStress

30 mins | $20

Dynamic pneumatic compression is a form of mechanical massage that applies pressure to an area of the body from the foot toward the heart. By applying a negative gradient of pressure starting furthest from the heart, our compression boots provide a greater boost in circulation, flushing out lactic acid and other waste.

The Benefits of Normatec Compression Therapy

Normatec had the dynamic compression devices designed as a more effective alternative to the static compression offered by a basic massage. Instead, the pulsing manner will actively aid in your recovery and has plenty of other benefits and positive effects on your body, for instance:

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What happens in a session?

Our Normatec compression system includes attachments that can massage your legs, hips or arms. First you will put on the appropriate attachment for the part of the body you want to massage. Then the chambers will inflate (similar to a blood pressure cuff), then it will work its way up towards your heart, sequentially pumping all the metabolites and lactic acid out of the muscles to be excreted later.


Normatec compression boots are popular with pregnant women as a way to relieve swelling and soreness.

Pro-tip: Add compression boots after an ice bath for the best benefits. Sit back on one of our recliner chairs and watch Netflix, play a game on the PS5, or even have a nap.

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What Is Normatec Compression Therapy and How Does It Work?

This revolutionary therapy aids athletes as well as normal gym-goers to recover faster between their training sessions. It consists of dynamic compression devices surrounding your legs and uses compression in a pulsing manner, which has a massaging effect on your limbs.

This compression pattern is more effective than static compression during a manual massage, leads to enhanced blood flow, and can transport fluid faster through your body.

The system can mould exactly to your shape and is therefore perfectly adapted to your body, allowing it to individualise your recovery perfectly.

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If you would like to increase your blood flow, remove excess fluid in your body, accelerate your recovery and decrease pain in your limbs, contact us at TH7 BodyLabs today. We’ll help you book your first session of the Normatec Pulse Technology System!


Does Normatec compression therapy help with weight loss?

Compression will help your lymphatic system clear fluid and metabolites from your body so may assist in looking slimmer. It won't actively aid in weight loss if it's the only thing you do. Weight loss can be achieved through a combination of healthy movements and a balanced diet, and can be enhanced through dynamic compression through Normatec compression devices.

How long should you do compression therapy?

Usually, a session at our Normatec Brisbane studio takes between 20 to 30 minutes and can be done for as long as you see fit. Depending on how you feel, your training load and how sore your legs are, you can feel the benefits of the Normatec pulse technology instantly, or it may take a few sessions to reap the benefits.

How often should I do Normatec compression therapy?

The sessions are typically between 20 and 30 minutes long and this method can be used daily or more, depending on whether you would like to use it to warm your muscles up for a workout or whether you would like to use the Normatec system for recovery from training.

When is the best time for a Normatec compression session?

The dynamic compression can be used either before or after workouts as the compression pattern works towards either aiding you to train harder or assisting with speed recovery.

When should you not use compression therapy?

You should not use Normatec Recovery Boots if you are suffering from acute thrombosis, infections, open wounds or any ailments related to your cardiovascular system.

Make sure to always consult with your doctor if you would like to try this new form of therapy.


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