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Need a boost of energy and focus?

Contrast bath therapy can aid in making you feel more awake and elevate your concentration by alternatively immersing your body in hot and cold water to increase circulation.

The ice and hot bath work in combination by constricting and then dilating the blood vessels. Once the body warms up, the increase in blood flow will start the healing process, stimulate neurogenesis and your endorphins levels, minimising inflammation, and accelerating recovery.

INCREASE: EnergyFocusResilience

DECREASE: LethargySorenessStress

30 mins | $30

Regular cold exposure has the ability to help reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, improve body composition, improve cardiovascular fitness, and elevate mood, attention and mental clarity.

Just half an hour of contrast water therapy can aid you to: reduce swelling, increase energy and focus, create mental and physical resilience, reduce lethargy, decrease soreness and inflammation and combat stress.

The Benefits of Contrast Therapy

Studies and research suggest that contrast water therapy can have several positive influences on the body and is argued to be specifically beneficial for athletic recovery and immune strength.

Helpful information


Do NOT practice cold exposure if you have epilepsy, heart disease, high blood pressure, are pregnant or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You should consult a physician if you have any coronary or heart-related risk factors. Do NOT combine breath-holds with cold exposure to avoid accidental fainting and drowning.

What we offer:

We have a range of cold exposures available at TH7 BodyLabs. Our main large ice bath which can host 12 people comfortably will be set to 10-12 degrees. This is a great starting point to those that haven’t had an ice bath or any cold exposure before. One of our friendly staff will be with you to guide you through the whole process.

Our protocols are dictated by where you are in your recovery journey, so the time spent in the ice and hot bath will vary with this. Generally, we recommend at least 1 minute per degree the water is. It can be accumulated with changing between the ice bath and the hot pool.

For individuals that prefer it colder – like members of our 6 minute Polar Bear Club – we have two smaller ice baths that will be set to 6 degrees and 8 degrees. These settings can change from day-to-day and we hold regular challenges and courses that go even lower!

Pro-tip: If strength and size are your primary training goals, research suggests that you should refrain from using cold exposure to aid recovery by at least 4-6 hours after training.

We have developed three different Contrast Therapy protocols to cover a variety of wellness and performance needs. If you are new to Contrast Therapy, our First Time Protocol is the ideal way to familiarise yourself. If you are preparing for an event, our Contrast Therapy Prepare Protocol will set you up for a peak performance. If you are looking to recover, our Contrast Therapy Recover Protocol will help increase your blood flow and  start the healing process.


First time schedule

5 mins (repeat 4 times)

3 mins

2 mins Cold Pool & 3 mins Hot Pool

Cold Pool

Recover schedule

8 mins (repeat 3 times)

3 mins

4 mins Cold Pool & 4 mins Hot Pool

Cold Pool

Prepare schedule

4 mins (repeat 5 times)

3 mins

2 mins Cold Pool & 2 mins Hot Pool

Cold Pool

Freeze out schedule

12 mins

Cold Pool

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What Is Contrast Therapy and How Does It Work?

Contrast bath therapy or contrast hydrotherapy is a form of passive water therapy where you alternate taking baths in cold and hot water.

This practice of immersing either one particular part or even the whole body in oppositely temperated water has been around for thousands of years but has risen to fame in recent years due to the advocacy of the elite sporting population.

By repeatedly submerging the body part or whole body into hot and cold baths at a set temperature for a specific amount of time, alternating at a specific rate and for a set number of intervals, this method is argued to assist in alleviating circulation-related health issues by opening and closing the blood vessels to achieve a form of pumping effect through the body.

What is the Procedure for Contrast Baths?

Start with two to three minutes in the hot water, then switch directly to the cold water for about two to three minutes.

If you struggle to stay in the cold water for a minute, don’t force yourself. Instead, return to the hot tub again and stay there for another three to four minutes before returning to the cold water and trying again to stay up to one minute. Repeat this procedure about three to four more times, resulting in around 20-30 minutes in total.

At TH7 BodyLabs we have specific protocols if it’s your first time, if you are preparing for an event, if you are recovery from an event or just if you want to relax.

If you suffer from injuries or certain health conditions, it is not recommended to do contrast bath therapy; therefore, always consult with your doctor before trying this.

Precautions to Take Before Your Contrast Therapy Session

As already mentioned, certain health conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, will either change the way you will have to undergo a contrast bath procedure. In case of open wounds or injuries not older than 48 hours, you should abstain completely from it as well.

Cold thermogenesis appears to dampen the inflammatory response and aid the anti-inflammatory response. Although this might sound like a good thing, if you are wanting to gain muscle or improve strength, this may prompt you to reconsider jumping in the ice straight after a gym session. We suggest that if strength and size are your primary training goals, you should refrain from using cold exposure to aid recovery by at least 4-6 hours after training.

Book Your Contrast Therapy Session Today

Interested in the benefits of heat therapy followed by cold water immersion? If you’d like to try out this treatment for yourself, why not book a session today?


Does contrast therapy burn calories?

Doing a full-body immersion in a cold bath does increase your heart rate and, if done regularly, also increases your metabolic system. There is no clear cut scientific evidence on whether contrast hydrotherapy actively assists with effective weight loss, but it certainly does burn off calories due to the increased heart rate and the effects of the temperature change on your body.

How often should you do contrast bath therapy?

While you should not exceed 1 minute per degree the cold water is when doing a contrast bath, there is no clear indication of whether you can contrast bath too many times. If you feel that it is beneficial to you and you enjoy the procedure without any side effects, you can technically do it daily.

Is contrast therapy better than an ice bath?

As cold therapy or ice baths only involve exposure to cold water, it might have fewer benefits than contrast therapy, where the body is exposed to both temperatures for a certain amount of time.

While the cold can assist with inflammation and focus, heat can assist with relaxation and lowering your heart rate. Both combined will aid best with muscle damage recovery and improved blood flow through your body, which has benefits in itself.

When should you start contrast therapy?

You should not start contrast hydrotherapy earlier than 48 hours after an injury, ideally rather wait for 72 hours after an injury to do a hot and cold water immersion. However, if you are in good physical health and just want to enjoy the overall benefits of this procedure you can start any time you want.

Who should not do contrast therapy?

If you suffer from the following, you should not undergo contrast therapy:

  • Open or infected wounds
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Untreated epilepsy

In general, always consult with your medical practitioner first when wanting to try new forms of therapy, no matter whether they are active or passive.


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