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Feeling overloaded to the point of distraction with the modern world?

Float pods are more formally referred to as “sensory deprivation tanks”. Growing even more common is the term “float tanks”.

While they may be offered along with a few altered treatment methods, the general experience is the same. Users of such therapy tend to be placed in dark or dimly lit, soundproof tanks. These tanks are designed to create an environment devoid of any sensation.

While it may seem like a scary thought initially, the benefits far outweigh the deterring thoughts that normally get thrown at this form of therapy. The biggest contributing factors are a sense of weightlessness and sensory deprivation.

Floatation causes a deep relaxation and helps reset the body’s hormonal and metabolic balance, improves recovery from stress and exercise, reduces pain, improves sleep quality, and boosts mental clarity and concentration.

INCREASE: FocusRelaxationSleep

DECREASE: AnxietyFatigueStress

1 hr | $59 or $79 for couples

Taking time-out for yourself in a floatation session will leave you feeling deeply relaxed. The buoyancy created by the Epsom salt solution essentially creates a feeling of total weightlessness. Free from all sensation of gravity, temperature, touch, sight, and sound (which accounts for around 90% of normal neuromuscular activity), you conserve and redirect vast amounts of physical and mental energy.

Aids in relieving stress, anxiety & depression

The feeling of total weightlessness in float tanks allows the mind and body to completely switch off.

Some may scoff at the thought of floating being good for your health, but the science behind it is rather hard to ignore. When isolated from all other external stimuli, your mind is better able to relax completely, rather than actively interpreting and processing your surroundings.

It is this effect that is scientifically proven to reduce levels of stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression.

Improve your sleep

Studies have shown that regular users of the float tanks report higher quality of sleep as well as falling asleep much faster than usual.

A review conducted in 2019 of nine regular floatation pod users found that each reported on how the practice affects the quality of their sleep. They spoke of:

  • Far less time needed to fall asleep
  • A far greater quality of sleep
  • Longer intervals of uninterrupted sleeping time

Aid muscle recovery and reduce pain

Soaking in the mineral rich water helps muscle relaxation and reduces inflammation after hard training sessions.

Helps with muscle recovery & reduces pain

Soaking in the mineral rich water helps muscle relaxation and reduces inflammation after hard training sessions.

Helpful information

Before your first float:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your float for an introductory video and demonstration.
  • Make sure to sign the medical waiver that will be in the booking process.
  • Each float room contains a private shower and amenities. Please ensure you shower before and after your float.
  • If you are menstruating, we ask that you please reschedule your float session.

Please avoid:

  • Shaving at least 12 hours before – the small cuts sting in the salt water.
  • Caffeine, alcohol and any drugs for the day of your float.
  • Getting a spray tan within 5 days of your float – this will wash off in the water.
  • Supplementing with magnesium on the day of your appointment (you will get enough from the float session!)


The float tank is a great way to escape the added weight of pregnancy, especially for your feet and spine. 

Pregnancy can place a lot of weight on the lower body and back. This often leads to pain that goes away or subsides slightly by getting off your feet. You needn’t have to image the pure relief that comes with weightlessness.

For pregnant women, a floatation suite could be the ultimate reliever of many pregnancy aches.


What’s provided


Shampoo, conditioner & body wash

Ear plugs

Private shower

Pro-tip: We recommend 3 floats will allow you to experience the best benefits that floating has to offer.

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What is Float Therapy?

Floatation therapy is a catch-all term used for what is more scientifically referred to as sensory deprivation therapy. It’s the manner in which this therapy is provided that created its more modern name – a reference to the float space the user enters during the therapy.

More often than not, the float space provided is long enough for a tall adult to comfortably lie down in. For those concerned about confinement during these float sessions, the float space is often tall enough to sit up in as well.

Your private float suite is filled with water, and at a very shallow depth. Remember that anyone who is in a float tank is able to sit up should they wish.

The water is heated to a temperature of 35.5 degrees which matches the heat of the user’s skin. This greatly reduces any sense from the user that they are in water.

To create the famous floating effect, the water inside the tank is saturated with 450kg of Epsom salts to ensure the user is completely buoyant. This, in turn, allows for an effortless float experience.

When the floatation tank is closed, you’ll find yourself laying down without effects of sound, light, and gravity. Your body and mind are left without any sensory connection to the outside world or its problems.

Does floatation therapy work?

There are numerous benefits to be derived from floating in water. Questions directed at this form of therapy’s effectiveness mostly come from users who are yet to embark on a weightless float experience.

Beyond the effect of ridding stress hormones and anxiety, floating in water filled with Epsom salts may offer a greater range of benefits, including improved sleep, pain relief, and more.

Sensory Deprivation in Float Pods

With floating comes a deep-rooted state of ease that is profound and reported to last hours after every session.

The benefits that come with floatation therapy are not limited to the brain either.

Beyond its clear neurological advantages, floating offers several physical pain relief and relaxation benefits that are unrivalled in their method of delivery and bodily effect.

Here is how just a single appointment scheduled for one of our Brisbane-based float spaces will help you reach and maintain your most optimum levels of mental and physical well being.

The Benefits of Float Therapy

Among the most praised advantages of isolating yourself from sensory stressors is the meditative effects that come with the experience. This, in turn, aids in establishing mental clarity.

Users assert that sensory deprivation leaves them far more focused and better able to fully direct their attention to certain tasks. Regular floaters go on to claim the following:

  • Floating helps to declutter the mind.
  • After the first float, people discover a safe space in which they can calmly think and process their thoughts and plans.
  • Overall, regular use of float pods helps people approach decisions in a more relaxed way and improves their mental well being.

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Can floatation tanks help with losing weight?

Research shows that regular floating encourages positive chemical changes within the body. While it is an exaggeration that floating is great weight-loss solution, its use can be used as a catalyst for the entire weight-loss process.

Can you get sick from a floatation pod?

While sensory deprivation does wonders for your help, for some, the experience may cause discomfort and a feeling of momentary sickness. You might experience some nausea during a float, especially if you're prone to motion sickness.

Float pods are extremely clean. Beyond that, they are sanitised after every use. The very liquid you float in has antibacterial properties. The chances of you catching something from a sensory deprivation tank are minimal.

If you are taking magnesium supplements, we recommend to avoid taking it the day before and the day of your float. This is to avoid over supplementing as the float tanks have 450kg of epsom magnesium salts which will be absorbed through the skin.

How often should you go for float therapy?

There is no minimum or maximum use prescribed. We advise our customers to enjoy the effects of weightless sensory deprivation therapy as often as they like.

There is no limit to the number of times you should feel good and work on your body's overall health.

We recommend to try at least 3 float sessions to experience the best benefits floating has to offer. The more you float, the more your body and mind will get use to completely switching off.

Who should not use a floatation tank?

Those who are prone to motion sickness may find the experience difficult to enjoy. For many users, though, this feeling comes to pass as they adjust to the experience of a gravity-less pod.

While pods have ample space in them, users who are claustrophobic may have a hard time relaxing. For such users, the full effects of the treatment may not be felt due to the environment already being a stressor.