Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Brisbane

Struggling with slow muscle recovery or wound healing?

Hyperbaric medicine has been around for almost two hundred years and has a wide array of advantages to your overall physical health and tissue improvement.

The short-term benefits of flooding your body with more oxygen includes accelerated recovery and repair, enhanced cognition, and reduced inflammation. The long term benefits really start to kick in with the growth of new blood vessels, new connective tissue, neurons, and cartilage.

INCREASE: EnergyFocusRecovery

DECREASE: FatigueInflammationSoreness

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) utilises an environmental pressure of 1.35 ATA to enhance the amount of oxygen dissolved in the body’s tissues up to 50% more. Pressurised oxygen is dissolved into the blood plasma to reduce inflammation & accelerate every healing process in the body.

The Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The increased oxygen levels can assist with almost any medical condition, such as recovering from surgery at a faster rate, all the way to improving neurological conditions and even increasing metabolism.

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Your safety is out priority. HBOT is safer than taking ibuprofen and is as powerful as taking a steroid for inflammation. However, there are risks, and every person using a HBOT chamber at TH7 BodyLabs will be screened for these risks. Before booking a session, you should clear the usage of a HBOT with your Doctor; and complete the medical waiver prior to your first session.

How often:

For the best long term benefits, undertaking regular HBOT sessions is important. You will start to feel the benefits compound if you complete at least three sessions per week over the course of an adaptation phase (normally 40 sessions). At the completion of this phase, one HBOT session a week is typically enough to maintain the benefits.

Pro-tip: Bring along some work to complete and enjoy the benefits of an increase in mental clarity. Alternatively, switch off with some guided meditation; or kick-back and watch some Netflix.

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What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Originally used to treat diving-related decompression illness, hyperbaric oxygen treatment has now become a renowned practice for treating several kinds of health conditions.

This passive therapy treatment is considered to be very safe and has almost no risk of negative side effects, while providing a myriad of positive improvements in a patient’s body from the very first session onwards.

You can attend mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy, where you will be exposed to 1.3 (ATA) and breathe in 21% oxygen for an hour which is about as much oxygen as you would breathe in at sea level. But as the pressure increases in the chamber, the amount of oxygen that is diffused into the blood plasma can increase up to 35-50%.

Most health conditions are related to a lack of oxygen in your body tissue and can therefore be treated best with this non-invasive therapy.

Providing the body with higher concentrations of oxygen can have several positive effects on the body and aid with the body’s natural healing process.

How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Work?

A patient will spend any time between sixty to 120 minutes relaxed on a bed-like capsule in a pressurised environment.

A trained technician will increase pressure while you are lying down inside the chamber and, depending on your preferences, are watching a movie, listening to music or even having a nap.

You might feel a slight change of pressure in your ears while the pressure is being increased, which can be compared to the sensation you can feel when a plane is taking off, but this should subside within a few seconds.

When you are in a HBOT chamber at 1.3 ATA, the oxygen in our blood increases from 21% at sea level to 28.35% (21% x 1.3 ATA). This results in a significant 35% increase in oxygen in the body. When oxygen is pressurised, it is dissolved into the blood plasma much more readily, increasing oxygen concentration and allowing it to permeate to tissues and cells.

Preparing for Your Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Session

To reap the full range of benefits of this therapy, please ensure that you follow this hyperbaric oxygen treatment protocol and precautions in order to prepare for your therapy session:

  • Refrain from using perfume or deodorants, and try to keep your body as natural as possible
  • Abstain from drinking alcohol or carbonated drinks prior to your treatment
  • Smoking will block your body’s ability to absorb and transfer the oxygen freely; try to quit for at least the duration of your treatment, if not completely
  • Consult with your doctor about which medication is safe to take while undergoing hyperbaric treatment
  • Should you suffer from a cold, flu or a fever, please re-schedule your appointment.

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Can you eat before hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Yes, you can. We do recommend to fast (not eat) if you are doing it in the morning.

Try to eat a healthy and nutritious meal a few hours before your session, as healthy food will aid in the positive side effects of this therapy.

Make sure to avoid fizzy drinks or alcohol as well as tobacco products.

Does hyperbaric oxygen therapy make you look younger?

As it is supplied with extra oxygen, the body's healing processes are supported and even accelerated. This can have many benefits, such as firmer tissues, healthier sleeping patterns and even improve your body on a cellular level.

This can all assist in quicker cell regeneration, anti-ageing, and aid in a younger appearance.

How long do the effects of hyperbaric oxygen last?

This is dependent on the number of sessions undergone by the patient as well as on their overall health.

How often should you use a hyperbaric chamber?

The amount, as well as the frequency of your hyperbaric treatment, differs between each person, depending on the ailment you want to treat.

We recommend about 40 sessions for reaping the ultimate benefits of this treatment.

You can undergo this treatment on a daily basis, but we would recommend going at least three times a week.

You should expect to go to various sessions during hyperbaric therapy, though, as it will usually take a couple of treatments before you start experiencing its benefits.

Who should not use hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

This treatment is generally very safe and does not pose any threats to people, regardless of their conditions.

You should not visit a hyperbaric chamber with a pneumothorax (collapsed lung). You should also refrain from HBOT if you recently had an ear injury or surgery or are uncomfortable in small spaces.

Generally, it is recommended to first consult with your doctor about whether this form of therapy is right and safe for you.

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