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Feeling run down and lethargic?

Using the invigorating benefits of a steam room or sauna is a practice that has already been used by ancient cultures such as the Romans and Greeks, who were frequent visitors of such a bathhouse.

Regular use of steam rooms has been shown to improve circulation, improve muscle recovery, reduce inflammation and joint pain, and decrease stress.

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INCREASE: Blood FlowRelaxationSleep

DECREASE: FatiguePainStress

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Steam use is characterised by short term passive exposure to extreme heat at maximum humidity. This results in mild hyperthermia – an increase in the body’s core temperature that induces a thermoregulatory response that restores homeostasis, and conditions the body for future heat stressors.

The Health Benefits of Steam Rooms

Apart from being incredibly relaxing to unwind on hot tiles and soak up the steam, these sessions have very similar benefits to going to a sauna but are more focussed on your respiratory system and offer a milder therapy session to most than a sauna.

While it is not a direct form of physical treatment or therapy, but rather a passive supportive practice, a steam room can be used in conjunction with physio or completely by itself and has several health benefits:

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How is it different to a sauna?:

Steam rooms and saunas are similar as both are heated rooms, however, a steam room’s humidity will be around 100%, while the humidity in a sauna will hover between 5-20%.

The temperature of a steam room will be 45 degrees where as a sauna will be 85-95 degrees. Both can feel as hot as each other. We recommend using a steam room one day after a game, a big training session, or anytime you need to wind down.

Both practices offer different health benefits and can be used in conjunction with a cooling dip in the cold pool.

Reduce pain and preserve muscle strength

The immediate application of moist heat after a workout can help reduce pain and preserve muscle strength. The heat soothes nerve endings and relaxes the muscles.

Precautions to Take While Using the Steam Room

While they are being used to relax, similar to saunas, a steam room is not advisable to be visited by everybody and have certain precautions you should stick to when planning to sauna and steam:

  • Do not be under the influence of alcohol or heavy medication
  • Do not visit if you are sick with fever, a bacterial infection, the flu or a cold

You should also not extend your session to relax any longer than 20-30 minutes.

If you have a serious medical issue or heart related issues be sure to consult your doctor if you are unsure whether it is safe for you to use our steam room or sauna in Brisbane.

Pro-tip: Struggling to decide between Traditional Sauna and the Steam Room? Try out our Nordic Cycle protocol for a taste of both, separated with an ice bath to cool off!

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What Is A Steam Room and How Does It Work?

Often found in a spa, bathhouse, or a gym, a steam room is a heated space, similar to a sauna but with 100% humidity, generated by water-filled steam machines which pump the humid air into the room.

These steam machines can be enhanced with essential oils, creating invigorating or relaxing smells, which can have further health benefits.

You can even use a steam session in combination with a dip in a cold pool to achieve a form of contrast therapy.

The most well-known design for a steam room is probably the Turkish style steam room, with beautiful colourful tiles and an adjacent pool.

You can enter such a heated room and either choose to sit or lie on a towel and inhale the steamy and humid air and soak your entire body to assist you with respiratory issues or simply to relax and unwind.

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Our spa facilities in Brisbane offer a wide choice of relaxing traditional sauna, steam room and infrared saunas. Our nordic cycle protocol is a client favourite which will allow you to take turns between sauna, cold pool, and steam to get the maximum benefits for your body and mind.


How do you breathe in a steam room?

It is advised that you breathe in through your nose and out through either the nose or mouth in a steam room. The steam and heat are used to loosen up mucus and your sinuses.

The hot air might feel a bit irritating in your nostrils at first, but you should get used to it after a while.

How often should you use a steam room?

It is advised that you keep your steam room sessions to no longer than 20-30 minutes about two to three times a week. If you want, you can take a five-minute break thereafter and return for another 15 to 20-minute session. You can repeat said procedure three to four times.

Should you go in the steam room before or after a workout?

You can enter a steam room before or after a workout. You might want to do a steam session before a workout as it aids with muscle relaxation and loosening up the joints, similar to a warm-up. The same effect will help post-workout to relax your muscles and aid in recovery.

What should I do after using a steam room?

After the steam room, you should take a shower to clean your body off of sweat and any debris and toxins that your pores have cleaned out.

You can opt for a quick cooling dip in the cold pool of our Brisbane facilities, too.

Another wonderful idea post-steam session is to have a massage at our Brisbane facility to further relax, as the heat loosens up tense muscles and helps with a deeper tissue massage.

What should you wear in a steam room?

If you are in a public steam room at a bathhouse or spa, such as ours in Brisbane, the most common attire would be a swimsuit and a bath towel to sit on tiles, as in a Turkish style steam room.

This is also advisable as you might want to jump into the pool straight after a session.


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