Red Light Therapy for Arthritis

Arthritis is a Goliath that leaves many feeling defeated and deflated. From a mere twinge to an achy inflammation, it’s a pain that can put a damper on life’s little joys – like trying your best to rip open a stubborn pickle jar.

According to the ABS National Health Survey 2017-18 (ABS 2018), an estimated 3.6 million Australians, or 15% of the population, suffer from arthritis, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other types.

But what if there was a way to ease some of the discomforts and maybe even experience a twinge of joy? Enter red light therapy, a futuristic-sounding treatment that can help relieve arthritis pain and give a renewed lease on life.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a common condition that can affect people of all ages, from juvenile idiopathic arthritis in children to osteoarthritis in older adults, it can affect people of all ages. And if you’re unlucky enough to suffer from it, you know firsthand how it can lead to a reduced range of motion in joints and the tissues surrounding them. It can get so bad that even the simplest of activities can become quite painful and difficult to carry out.

Not only that, but Arthritis can also cause permanent limb deformities, such as knobby finger joints. Arthritis can even cause damage to the skin, heart, eyes, lungs, and kidneys, and it can have a massive effect on the immune system.

Unfortunately, it seems that there is no cure for such a bothersome condition. While the goal of treatment is often to limit pain and inflammation and promote joint function, it’s important to remember that arthritis can only be “managed” and not permanently cured, as Johns Hopkins Medicine and the CDC clearly state.

But don’t throw in the towel just yet! Red light therapy for arthritis is here to help manage your pain, reduce inflammation, and promote overall well-being.

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy treatment, also known as low-level light therapy, low-level laser therapy, or photobiomodulation, uses LED bulbs or cold lasers to bathe your body in red and near-infrared light. The therapeutic window of wavelengths between 630 and 660nm and 810 and 850nm, respectively, have been proven to stimulate healthy biological activity in the body, leading to reduced inflammation, pain relief, and even healthy cartilage regrowth.

And the best part? Unlike sunlight, which contains harmful UV waves, these wavelengths have no side effects. It’s been documented that Red Light Therapy can help with arthritis and its effects on the tiny energy-producing organelles called mitochondria found inside most cells of the body.

Causes and Triggers of Arthritis

Arthritis is like a wild goose chase trying to pinpoint exactly what set it off. This chronic condition can be caused by a variety of different factors, such as aging, injury, infections, and even genetic inheritance. Yes, you read that right – you can thank your ancestors for passing it down to you like a hot potato.

But wait, there’s more – certain triggers can make arthritis even worse! Some common triggers include physical and emotional stress, poor diet, and a lack of physical activity (or even too much of it!). Not taking care of yourself can really set arthritis off like wildfire, so it’s important to keep your body happy and healthy to prevent it from flaring up.

So, next time you’re feeling achy and creaky, think about what may have set off your arthritis – your great-great-great-grandma’s bad knees or that giant burger you had for dinner? Or maybe it’s time to get out and stretch those legs a bit to keep your joints limber and avoid arthritis triggers altogether.

Common Types of Arthritis

Arthritis is like a magical mystery tour – you never know what you’re going to get. There are over 100 different types of arthritis, with each one providing its own twist and turns on the journey. But fear not, because we’re here to break down the three most commonly known types of arthritis – Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Psoriatic Arthritis – and make them as easy as pie to understand.


First up, we have Osteoarthritis, the granddaddy of them all. This type of arthritis is part and parcel of the aging process, where the cartilage that cushions your bones gradually wears away, leaving you with achy and creaky joints. It’s like a pair of shoes that you’ve been wearing for too long – they just don’t fit quite right anymore. Although it’s more common in older people, it can affect anyone. It’s like the saying goes – age is just a number, but the arthritis pain is real!

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Next, we have Rheumatoid Arthritis, the unpredictable wildcard of the bunch. This type of arthritis is an autoimmune disease, where your immune system attacks your own joints, mistaking them for viruses. It’s like a game of secret agents – your immune system thinks the joints are the enemy and launches a full-scale attack. Rheumatoid Arthritis can cause inflammation throughout the body, making it much more difficult to manage than other types of arthritis.

Psoriatic Arthritis

Last but definitely not least, we have Psoriatic Arthritis, the rebellious teenager of arthritis. This type of arthritis is like a hybrid of Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis, and it’s often linked to the skin condition psoriasis. Psoriatic Arthritis can cause joint pain, swelling, and even changes in nail and skin texture. It’s like a chameleon that changes and adapts to suit its environment – Psoriatic Arthritis can present with a variety of symptoms and can be difficult to diagnose.

Now, while these types of arthritis may differ in their symptoms and causes, one thing is for sure – they’re all a pain to deal with. But with the right treatment plan, including Red Light Therapy, you can take control of your arthritis and enjoy life to the fullest.

Common Arthritis Treatment

When it comes to treating arthritis, medication is often the first line of treatment. But let’s face it, these drugs can come with some unpleasant consequences. For osteoarthritis patients, analgesics and NSAIDs are commonly prescribed to relieve pain.

However, studies have shown that these drugs can have adverse side effects, ranging from mild discomforts like gastrointestinal distress and dizziness to fatal risks such as blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes. Similarly, corticosteroids for arthritis pain relief can lead to bone thinning, weight gain, and high blood sugar levels. For rheumatoid arthritis, DMARDs may be prescribed, but they can increase the risk of infections.

That’s why the use of Red Light Therapy for arthritis management has been gaining popularity in recent years. This therapy offers a non-invasive, drug-free, safe, effective alternative with no known adverse side effects. While medication may provide short-term relief, Red Light Therapy is a long-term solution – reducing inflammation, relieving pain, and improving flexibility and mobility.

Best of all, it provides these benefits without any unpleasant side effects. So, if you’re looking for an alternative approach to managing your arthritis, consider Red Light Therapy and experience the difference it can make.

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Red Light Therapy is like food for your cells – once you feed them, they will flourish, and your body will thank you. Thanks to its ability to penetrate the skin, red and NIR light can stimulate the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the cells’ primary fuel, which enhances the performance of the cells and their ability to replicate and repair themselves.

Think of it like this: when you’re feeling exhausted or hungry, you can’t perform at your best – the same goes for your cells. By boosting cellular energy, Red Light Therapy strengthens your cells and slows or stops the progression of the disease, such as arthritis, which can offer relief from pain.

And the best part is, regrown cartilage can result from Red Light Therapy. As it cushions the bones, movement becomes pain-free, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

How Can Red Light Therapy Help With Arthritis?

Red Light Therapy isn’t magic, but according to scientific studies, it’s the next best thing for relieving the symptoms of arthritis! It can help with everything from reducing pain and joint inflammation to regenerating tissues and improving bone and cartilage health. Here are just some of the specifics:

Quick and Effective Pain Relief

Red Light Therapy provides fast-acting pain relief that lasts longer than recommended painkillers and has none of the harmful side effects of drugs. According to the 4000+ studies on, Red Light Therapy produces fast and consistent pain relief for acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Joint Inflammation

One of the most significant effects of PBM therapy is the reduction of inflammation, which is significant for joint disorders like arthritis. LLLT decreases inflammation, which reduces pain and improves joint function.

Regenerate Tissues

Red Light Therapy can repair, restore, and regenerate the connective tissues surrounding joints. This is essential in combating the degenerative effects of arthritis, which causes the tissues to deteriorate. Studies have suggested that therapeutic doses of infrared light therapy, increase cell proliferation, accelerate healing, promote tissue regeneration, prevent cell death, and provide anti-inflammatory activity and relief of pain.

Improve Bones and Cartilage

Red Light Therapy, aids in the healing of not only skin, nerves, and tendons, but also bones, and cartilage. In terms of arthritis, this is beneficial as it helps to keep the bone and cartilage healthy. Studies have found that Red Light Therapy increases the blood flow and production of collagen, which helps to strengthen bones and keeps them healthy.

Relieve Swelling

Red Light Therapy pads have been shown in research to effectively reduce swelling and inflammation. Relief from swelling provides greater mobility and allows the joint to function more comfortably.

Relieve Stiffness and Improve Joint Mobility

Infra-red light deeply penetrates tissues and joints, providing relief from joint stiffness and improving joint mobility. Red Light Therapy devices have received FDA clearance for relieving the aches and stiffness caused by arthritis.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, arthritis may be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. With Red Light Therapy, you can manage the symptoms of this nagging condition and live out your life as a spring chicken. Whether you’re young or old, active or sedentary, this therapy can aid in reducing inflammation and pain, regenerating tissues, improving bone and cartilage health, and even decreasing joint stiffness.

So throw away those harmful medications and give Red Light Therapy a try; it’s here to shed some light on your arthritis pain and make your life more enjoyable. And always remember, just because you have arthritis, it doesn’t mean you can’t be a cool cat – Red Light Therapy is here to make sure of it!

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