Red Light Therapy Brisbane


Infrared Saunas Brisbane

By removing toxins and rejuvenating the body once again, infrared sauna therapy can change the ways we physically and mentally face the day.

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Traditional Saunas Brisbane

Regular use of traditional saunas has been shown to increase lifespan, improve cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation, improve muscle recovery and detoxify the body.

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Ice Baths Brisbane

Cold water immersion has fantastic benefits, from happy hormones to potential improved weight loss and overall health and well being. A regular ice bath can improve blood flow, and even so much as cold showers can improve energy levels and decrease pain levels.

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Steam Rooms Brisbane

Using the invigorating benefits of a steam room or sauna is a practice that has already been used by ancient cultures such as the Romans and Greeks, who were frequent visitors of such a bathhouse.

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Contrast Therapy Pools Brisbane

Contrast bath therapy can aid in making you feel more awake and elevate your concentration by alternatively immersing your body in hot and cold water to increase circulation.

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Compression Boots Therapy Brisbane

The Normatec compression boots use compressed air to massage your limbs and stimulate lymphatic drainage to decrease inflammation, remove waste products and significantly lower blood lactate levels.

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