Loosen up and love your new mobility

Are you struggling with your mobility? Theragun therapy is one way to loosen up, thanks to a scientifically calibrated combination of speed and depth.

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Book a Theragun percussion therapy session for $15 for 20 minutes.

Therabody Theragun is a professional-grade percussive therapy device that treats muscles by comfortably overriding the pain signals to the brain and, in doing so, relieving the deepest tension, knots, and muscle tightness and eliminating inflammation with just 15 minutes of use. It can also be added to your everyday routine with stretching to aid in eliminating inflammation for a faster recovery.

Therabody’s 4th generation of percussive devices is one of the quietest devices on the market, thanks to its proprietary brushless motor. The Theragun Pro (stall force of 27kg) boasts dual batteries and a rotating arm and is used by the likes of Max Verstappen, Christiano Ronaldo, and Paul George, to name a few.

There are two other options of consumer-grade vibration massagers available from Therabody, which include the Theragun Elite, which is the premium at-home option (stall force of 18kg), and the Theragun Prime, which is the simplified option (13kg stall force).

For anyone who has experienced limited mobility or if you would like to treat yourself to an invigorating post-workout session, make a booking right here. Join professionals like Max Verstappen and Christiano Ronaldo, who also use Theragun therapy, and experience a new level of mobility and luxury.

What are the benefits of Theragun treatment?

  • Reduce Onset Muscle Soreness
  • Promote a faster recovery
  • Relax you muscles
  • Increase your range of motion
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve circulation

Who should consider doing Theragun? And what conditions will it help with?

  • Athletes and fitness enthusiasts – to help with muscle recovery and performance
  • Post-surgery patients – for targeted therapy during recovery
  • People with Chronic pain – potential relief for some conditions that cause muscle discomfort
  • Those looking for stress relief – theragun massage guns create a calm and soothing experience
  • Those with soft tissue injuries – aids in recovery from specific injuries

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  • Recovery


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Theragun FAQs

How often can you use a Theragun?

Therabody recommends using a Theragun up to three times daily for the best results. They recommend using it between 15 seconds to 2 minutes each time on each muscle group.

Who shouldn't use a Theragun?

Theraguns are usually safe for most people, but there are some cases where it would be suggested that you use one. This includes open wounds, infections, acute injuries, inflammation, or other medical reasons.

Are there specific areas where Theragun shouldn't be used?

Yes, there are some areas on your body where the Theragun should be used with caution or avoided. This includes your head or neck, bony areas and other sensitive areas that may be tender or have bruising.

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