Compress and progress in your athletic performance

Are sore muscles slowing you down? Then, it’s time to elevate your post-exercise regimen with the help of compression therapy, which mimics muscular contractions with the help of sequential Pulse Technology to enhance lymphatic system movement. Ultimately, compression therapy will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

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A compression session will cost $20 for 30 minutes.

Blood circulation problems, inflammation and pain don’t have to hold you back from your full athletic potential thanks to compression devices. With our dynamic compression garments, you can tailor your compression therapy sessions to eliminate different issues by targeting the arms, hips and legs. Book your session now to feel the improvements.

What are the benefits of Compression therapy?

  • Improves blood flow and oxygen delivery
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Provides a quicker recovery
  • Removes waste (lactic acid and metabolites)
  • Improves mobility for enhanced athletic performance
  • Reduces fatigue and muscle soreness

Who should consider doing Compression therapy? And what conditions will it help with?

  • Athletes – benefit from compression therapy for enhanced performance, muscle recovery, and reduced fatigue
  • Those with oedema – Compression therapy aids individuals with oedema by reducing swelling and fluid retention
  • People with varicose veins – find relief and improved circulation through compression therapy
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis – Compression therapy prevents deep vein thrombosis (DVT) for frequent travellers during long flights
  • Lymphedema management – Those with lymphedema benefit from compression therapy, supporting drainage and reducing swelling
  • Improving blood flow – It prevents DVT by improving blood circulation
  • Venous insufficiency – compression therapy helps individuals with venous insufficiency by addressing compromised vein function
  • Post-exercise recovery – providing support during and after exercise, compression therapy addresses muscle soreness and fatigue

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  • Blood Flow
  • Mobility
  • Recovery


  • Compression



  • Blood Flow
  • Mobility
  • Recovery


  • Steam Room
  • Contrast Therapy
  • Theragun
  • Compression

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Compression therapy FAQs

Can compression therapy help with restless legs syndrome?

Some people with RLS get relief from compression therapy. The gentle pressure applied by compression garments may alleviate discomfort and improve blood flow, reducing RLS symptoms.

When is the best time to use compression therapy?

The best time to use therapy compression therapy varies depending on what you need to use it for. We'd suggest using compression therapy after an intense workout to speed up recovery or after being on your feet for a long time.

Can you use compression therapy if you have circulation issues?

Yes, compression therapy can be used if you have circulation issues. It's an effective method to manage chronic conditions like venous insufficiency and varicose veins. The pressure applied has benefits like improving blood circulation, reducing swelling and helping you manage your symptoms.

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