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Things are about to get steamy

Steam rooms have been around for centuries, and for good reasons! Regular use of steam rooms or saunas has been proven to improve your blood circulation, reduce joint pain and inflammation and decrease your stress.

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Benefits of Steam Rooms Brisbane

Steam use is characterised by short term passive exposure to extreme heat at maximum humidity. This results in mild hyperthermia – an increase in the body’s core temperature that induces a thermoregulatory response that restores homeostasis, and conditions the body for future heat stressors.

Moist heat – such as that provided by a steam room – can improve circulation by dilating the small blood vessels or capillaries. Blood can then flow more easily and transport oxygen around the body.

Reduce pain and preserve muscle strength

The immediate application of moist heat after a workout can help reduce pain and preserve muscle strength. The heat soothes nerve endings and relaxes the muscles.

Reduce stress

A steam room can decrease the level of cortisol, which is the hormone released in response to stress. When the cortisol level drops, people can feel more in control, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

Improves skin health

The steam inside the room will soak your body and widen your pores and help purify any dirt or debris from your pores through sweating. This will cleanse your skin and also make it appear more radiant.


The gentle hot air and strong humidity in our spa facility will most likely make you break into a light sweat, while the steam aids in opening up your pores. This will help flush out any toxins through your skin.

Pro tip
Struggling to decide between Traditional Sauna and the Steam Room? Try out our Nordic Cycle protocol for a taste of both, separated with an ice bath to cool off!

Try one of our Steam Room protocols

We have combined Steam Room with other equipment into specialized health protocols

Nordic Cycle

60 mins
  • Sauna: 20 min
  • Contrast therapy: 12 min
  • Steam room: 20 min
  • Cold exposure: 1
By actively engaging the body’s thermoregulatory system through a sequence of both hot and cold therapies the nordic cycle will work to improve your circulation, reduce stress and enhance muscle recovery.


40 mins
  • Steam room: 20 min
  • Contrast therapy: 20 min
  • Cold exposure: 2
During this protocol, begin by relaxing your muscles and mind in the warm and humid environment of the steam room that will work to improve blood flow, reduce inflammation and help you relax and recover. Pair this with the rejuvenating and energising benefits of both contrast therapy and compression which work in combination to alleviate muscle soreness, reduce inflammation, boost blood flow, and foster relaxation – all crucial elements for enhancing overall recovery.

How does our Steam room in Brisbane work?

Steam rooms are heated rooms like a sauna but with 100% humidity. The steam is generated by steam machines filled with water that heats up to create steam. They also pump the room full of humid air. Steam room machines can have essential oils added to them, adding delightful smells to the room as well as creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Some of our steam rooms have a combination cold pool to provide you with contrast therapy. When using our steam rooms, you can sit on the bench, relax, lie down, and allow the humid air to soak your body.

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Steam Room FAQs

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Steamroom sessions usually last between 15 to 25 minutes. With us, you’ll get a 25-minute session. How much time you can spend in a steam room depends on your threshold. Some people can handle the conditions in a steam room longer than others.
Usually, people wear a bathing suit or a towel in a steam room. The goal is to be as comfortable as possible while the heat penetrates your body, flushing out toxins and helping you unwind a bit.
Generally, it’s not suggested for women who are pregnant to use a steam room. The heat can be a risk to their pregnancy. Check with a healthcare professional before using a steam room if you’re pregnant.

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