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TH7 offers evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle programs with our in-house dietitian

Preventative Health

Our preventative health program has been designed utilising what we know from the latest research on behaviour change. You won’t be adhering to any kind of “diet” throughout, but instead you will learn how to build small positive habits to develop a health-protecting, flexible and enjoyable lifestyle that comes easy and feels almost automatic.

Gut Health​

Our gut health program has been designed for anyone struggling with ongoing gastrointestinal symptoms. This might include bloating, cramping, bowel irregularity or for anyone simply wanting to ensure their gut is happy and thriving. This program will be personalised, practical and focus on maximising variety and enjoyment.

Women’s Health​

Our women’s health program supports individuals dealing with reproductive health conditions like endometriosis and PCOS, as well as those aiming to enhance fertility. We’ll explore lifestyle factors including diet, exercise, sleep, and stress, as research suggests these may help manage symptoms and potentially play a role in boosting fertility. If you don’t already have a specialist involved, we’ll guide you towards some fantastic experts.

Healthy Ageing

Our healthy ageing program is tailored for older adults who wish to safeguard their health and prevent age-related loss of lean mass. Our dietitian Madi will ensure you are meeting your protein and calcium needs, as well as other essential nutrients that can protect your bones, joints, heart and brain. We are also partnering with local exercise physiologists to offer you the best resistance and strength training that suits your goals and abilities.

TH7’s individualised and tailored nutrition and lifestyle programs

Preventative Health


Gut Health

Gut health

Women’s Health


Healthy Ageing

High protein

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Absolutely. While it is unlikely you will receive enough support and the nutrition intervention required to achieve your goals from one session, we do still offer single consults. 

Your program length will be completely dependent on your individual goals and clinical needs. It might range anywhere from 1-6 months or even beyond that. You will determine this with your dietitian and this timeline will of course be adjusted throughout. You will never be locked-in, you are free to finish up whenever you feel ready, but we will encourage a review booking in 6-months time as a check in point because long-term support is crucial for long-term success.

During your first session, you will sit down with your dietitian and discuss your goals. They will collect a detailed medical history, any current medications you are taking and if you do have your latest blood test results available, it might be helpful to bring those along with you. You will discuss your current food intake and any other relevant lifestyle behaviours including sleep routine, stress levels and physical activity level. You will then come up with a plan, making realistic changes to your dietary intake to work towards achieving your goals. You will receive a detailed summary of each session via email and have ongoing support throughout.

Private rebates will apply to our services. Your rebate will depend on your level of cover and individual fund. Many health funds do offer rebates on dietetic services. Get in touch with your health fund to find out whether you have dietetic coverage.

A dietitian is a food and nutrition expert who helps individuals, groups, and communities stay healthy, prevent illness, and manage health conditions through evidence-based dietary guidance. Dietitians must stay up to date with the latest nutrition research and findings to uphold their Accredited Practising Dietitian status. This also means completing an adequate amount of professional development any year.

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