Revitalise your body’s natural detoxification processes and feel rejuvenated for the week ahead
  • Infrared sauna: 45 min
  • Contrast therapy: 10 min
  • HBOT: 60 min
  • Cold exposure: 1

Revitalise your body's natural detoxification processes and feel rejuvenated for the week ahead

Raising internal body temperature through both near and far infrared light encourages the body to sweat and eliminate any built up toxins. Combined with the improved blood flow provided by contrast therapy and the increased uptake of oxygen provided by oxygen therapy, the detox protocol is the ideal set up for those wanting to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
Available at: Noosa, West End
for 1 hr 45 mins total
Group bookings available

Why the Detox protocol?

The Detox Protocol combines the benefits of the infrared sauna, contrast therapy, and oxygen therapy to maximise detoxification, improve cellular repair, and enhance metabolic efficiency by promoting toxin elimination and increasing oxygenation.

Enhanced toxin removal

Infrared sauna exposure promotes sweating, accelerating the removal of toxins and stimulating the production of heat shock proteins for cellular repair.

Improved circulation

Contrasting between the hot and cold pools works to boost circulation, aiding in the flushing of metabolic waste and supporting the lymphatic system in toxin removal.

Boosted metabolic efficiency

Oxygen therapy increases oxygen saturation, enhancing mitochondrial function and accelerating the conversion of toxins into excretable forms, while also supporting immune response.

45 minutes

Stage 1: Infrared sauna

Begin with a 45-minute duration in the infrared sauna, whereby your body will be encouraged to sweat for a prolonged amount of time, allowing for increased blood flow and detoxification.
Increased:Energy, Immunity, Relaxation
Decreased:Inflammation, Stress, Toxins
10 minutes

Stage 2: Contrast therapy

Following this, revitalise your blood flow further by engaging in 8 minutes of contrast therapy (switching between the hot and cold pools). Here you will encourage a recirculation of blood, enhancing nutrient delivery throughout the body, and reducing any inflammation that may be contributing to the body’s inability to detoxify efficiently.
Increased:Energy, Immunity, Relaxation
Decreased:Lethargy, Soreness, Stress
60 minutes

Stage 3: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

At the end of this protocol, increase your body’s oxygen availability during a 60 minute oxygen therapy protocol. Increasing your body’s absorption of oxygen will aid the body’s natural detoxification processes by enhancing cellular metabolism and promoting the breakdown and elimination of toxins.
Increased:Energy, Immunity, Relaxation
Decreased:Fatigue, Inflammation, Toxins
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To maximise the antiinflammatory benefits of this protocol, end your contrast therapy session in the cold pool and allow your body to naturally reheat. OR To make the most of this protocol, ensure to hydrate with at least 500mls of water before going into the infrared sauna and continue to hydrate both during and after your protocol.

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