Supporting you to feel better, recover faster and live longer

This is the reason TH7 BodyLabs exists. It’s a commitment born from the belief that the latest recovery, wellness and longevity therapies shouldn’t only be available to professional athletes. We all rely on our bodies and regardless of if you’re a weekend road warrior, part of a sports team, training for an endurance event, or simply work in a high-stress environment, we understand that you’re at your best when your body is too.
Having sourced the best equipment from around the world and developed evidence-based protocols that amplify the equipment’s benefits, TH7 BodyLabs ensures there’s a place where athletes and everyday people can recover, relax, re-focus, and feel ready for life’s demands every day.



Founded on a passion to improve lives

Tom Harvey

“What gets me out of bed in the morning is knowing that we’ve sourced the best equipment from all over the world and have created unique protocols to meet all individual needs. But, what puts my head on the pillow at night is knowing that we’re making a difference to peoples’ lives and wellbeing.”

Tom graduated from The University of Queensland with a degree in Exercise, Sport and Nutrition Science, before pursuing a career as an elite athlete, playing professional rugby 7s for the Qld Reds and was part of the Australian 7s program. He continued learning during this time, gaining a deep understanding of breath work, sleep optimisation, biohacking, and longevity from experts in the field to enhance his own performance. He quickly recognised, however, this was an underexposed science with remarkable benefit that should be available to everyday people.

Greg Spurgin

“What drives me is building businesses that are focused on creating positive impact within the communities they’re part of. In fact, this same desire to improve the health, wellbeing and longevity of every person who steps into our clinics is a guiding light at TH7 BodyLabs. We strive to create a culture and environment where our clients can wind down, recover, or re-focus in their busy lives.”

Greg has a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and Bachelor of Human Movement from The University of Queensland. He founded the Allsports Physiotherapy group in 1993, was the head physiotherapist for the Brisbane Broncos from 1997-2002, and then travelled to the US where he co-founded Results Physiotherapy – ultimately growing the business to over 180 clinics. In 2021, the business was acquired by private equity, which paved the way for him to start his next endeavour in TH7 BodyLabs.

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