Our mission

Learn more about the heart of TH7 and why we are so passionate about your health journey

Our mission is to help all Australians live younger

Dedicated to maximising your quality of life

At TH7, we believe in improving the quality of life and helping you live better for longer. Having access to high-quality equipment is essential for achieving your recovery, wellness and longevity goals. Our clinics provide the highest quality wellness and longevity equipment.

We are maximising healthspan with a commitment to



We keep up to date with the latest health, wellness and longevity science, and ensure that the most science based health protocols are available at TH7.



Quality is critically important to us. Without a commitment to quality, we could not deliver on the results, safety, or experience that our clients deserve.



Science does not mean anything with evidence to back it up. We are committed to sharing protocols with significant corroborating evidence.

Community is at the heart of what we do

Community support fosters motivation, accountability, and resource-sharing crucial for achieving health goals. Community not only motivates individuals but also eases resource burdens and enhances overall well-being.  Together, health objectives become attainable and sustainable.

The importance of a social connection

What is healthspan? And why is it important?

Healthspan is the lived time in which you feel mentally and physically at your best.  We believe how well you live is as important as how long you live.


Maximising healthspan is about improving your quality of life, and helping you live younger.

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At TH7, our protocols are scientifically designed to improve health and productivity. Our clinics provide the highest quality wellness and longevity equipment for you to feel better and live younger.