Having the most effective and safe equipment is our priority. We are proud to offer the most advanced recovery equipment in Australia.

Using state of the art equipment

Having access to cutting-edge, evidence-backed equipment is crucial for optimal results at TH7. We’ve meticulously curated our selection to ensure that each piece is effective, safe and geared towards your goals. Explore our range and unlock the ultimate in body and wellness protocols.

Red Light Therapy

Traditional Saunas

Ice Baths

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers

Compression Therapy

Contrast Therapy Pools

Steam Rooms

Full Body Cryotherapy Chambers

Infrared Saunas

Try our equipment through an evidence-based protocol

We’ve done the research so you can sit back and enjoy the rewards. Discover our selection of evidence-based protocols today!

What is healthspan? And why is it important?

Healthspan is the lived time in which you feel mentally and physically at your best.  We believe how well you live is as important as how long you live.


Maximising healthspan is about improving your quality of life, and helping you live younger.

Our Facilities

Our clinics are designed with your health and wellbeing goals in mind and provide an environment that helps you embrace the potential of a longer and more optimised life.

Science Backed Protocols

Unlock the key to optimal recovery, performance, and overall wellbeing. Our protocols and equipment is backed by years of health research to ensure you receive the most effective and evidence-based solutions for your health and recovery.

Feel better, live younger

With TH7, you can provide your team with the scientifically-designed protocols and support they need to feel better faster, stay healthy and boost productivity.

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