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At TH7 we use cutting-edge technology and science-based research to enhance recovery, performance, sleep, mental clarity, and longevity of life.

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Our facilities utilise only the latest technology, coupled with evidence-based research to deliver the result you need.  Our goal is simple: to accelerate your recovery, boost performance, improve sleep patterns, enhance mental clarity, and optimise your overall quality of life. 

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Our protocols are evidence-based procedures that combine pieces of equipment to sustain performance and improve wellness and longevity.  

Protocol spotlight

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Raising internal body temperature increases metabolic rate and infrared light is effective at eliminating toxins from the body. Combined with contrast therapy Afterburn provides an effective fat burner + health reset.


Promoting proactive health

Proactive health is about taking steps right now to protect and improve your longevity and wellbeing. Waiting until you get sick or get injured before taking care of your body is the wrong approach to protecting your long-term health. Research found that 4-7 sauna sessions a week leads to a:

0 %
reduction in chance of sudden cardiac death
0 %
reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
0 %
reduced risk of coronary heart disease

Using state of the art equipment

Having access to high quality equipment is essential for achieving your recovery, wellness and longevity goals. TH7 clinics provide the highest quality wellness and longevity equipment. 

Everyone walks out of TH7 feeling better

At TH7, our protocols are scientifically designed to improve health and productivity.