Compression Therapy

Say goodbye to sore muscles and get back to doing what you love faster

The sequential Pulse Technology offered by our compression devices mimics the muscular contractions that assist in the movement of lymph fluid throughout the body. By promoting the movement of the lymphatic system, our compression devices will leave your muscles feeling refreshed and energised for your day ahead 

Available at: Sunshine coast, Brisbane
for 30 min total
Group bookings available

Benefits of Compression Therapy

Dynamic pneumatic compression is a form of mechanical massage that applies pressure to an area of the body and sequentially makes its way toward the heart. By applying a negative gradient of pressure starting furthest from the heart, our compression devices provide a boost in circulation, flushing out lactic acid and other waste.

Research indicates a decrease in markers of muscle cell damage, such as creatine kinase, following the application of pneumatic compression. Enhanced circulation facilitates the delivery of increased oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, promoting improved mobility and expedited recovery.

Reduces Swelling and Stiffness

Employing pulse technology, compression therapy expedites the lymphatic system’s ability to eliminate accumulated waste products. This results in a sensation of lightness and freshness, actively contributing to improved range of motion and faster body recovery.

Alleviates Muscle Fatigue

Individuals utilising compression therapy often experience diminished muscle sensitivity and reduced soreness associated with Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness following exercise.

Reduces Fluid Retention

Utilizing the Normatec pulse massage pattern and dynamic compression, fluid is efficiently propelled through your limbs, preventing it from accumulating in the wrong direction. This proactive approach helps prevent swollen legs and discomfort.

Assists in Eliminating Muscle Toxins

As fluids are flushed from your limbs, toxins are also mobilized from your muscles, facilitating their removal by the lymphatic system. This accelerates the recovery process and effectively alleviates pain.

Enhances Range of Motion and Flexibility

Dynamic compression improves blood flow through muscles, inducing warming and stretching. This accelerated recovery contributes to increased range of motion, while the warmed and stretched muscles offer enhanced flexibility.

Pro tip
Tailor your compression regimen with the utilisation of our three specialised compression attachments designed for distinct body areas: legs, hips, or arms. Each attachment incorporates a specialised zone boost feature, enabling you to refine your compression protocol according to your unique recovery requirements.

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50 mins
  • Compression: 30 min
  • Contrast therapy: 20 min
During a 30-minute session in our compression devices, the pulse technology mimics a lymphatic massage optimising lymphatic function to remove built-up waste, reducing muscle soreness and inflammation. Followed by hot and cold pools triggering blood vessel constriction and dilation, enhancing blood flow, reducing inflammation, and aiding muscle recovery.

Understanding Compression Therapy and Its Mechanism

This innovative therapy is beneficial for athletes and regular gym enthusiasts, aiding in quicker recovery between training sessions. It employs dynamic compression devices enveloping your legs, utilizing pulsating compression for a massaging effect on your limbs.

The pulsing compression pattern proves more effective than static compression found in manual massages, resulting in improved blood flow and accelerated fluid transport throughout your body.

Adapting precisely to your body’s contours, the system ensures a perfect fit, allowing for personalised recovery.

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Compression FAQs

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Individuals with acute thrombosis, infections, open wounds and any history of blood clotting should always consult with a doctor if using compression therapy.
Compression therapy is adaptable and can be integrated at any juncture in your day or week. We especially recommend incorporating compression therapy following an intense workout or after spending prolonged periods of time on your feet. This focused application has proven particularly advantageous in relieving muscle strain and expediting recovery.
Our compression therapy sessions last for 30 minutes, offering you an ideal opportunity to unwind and relax. Enjoy a cup of tea, catch up on Netflix, or even take a nap during your session.
Dynamic compression can be employed both before and after workouts, as the compression pattern is designed to either support more robust training or facilitate swift recovery.

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