Traditional Saunas

Theragun Treatment Therapy

The 4th generation of percussive devices from Therabody sports

Ice Baths

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers

Infuse your body with oxygen under pressure to improve recovery, boost cognition, and alleviate inflammation.

Compression Boots Therapy

Contrast Therapy Pools

The contrast therapy procedure encompasses alternating sequences of hot and cold, creating a pumping action in the blood and muscles that enhances oxygen and nutrient supply to the body tissues. These changes in blood flow contribute to many of the established benefits of this therapy, including reduced swelling and inflammation, improved energy and focus, and stress reduction, which in turn promotes relaxation.

Steam Rooms

Secure your inaugural relaxation session at our Brisbane Spa today.

Full Body Cryotherapy Chambers

Infrared Saunas

Our premium infrared saunas provide a fantastic chance to relax and alleviate stress.

Stage 1: Contrast Therapy

Beginning with contrast therapy, the hot and cold pools will work in combination to first constrict (in the cold) and then dilate (in the hot) blood vessles. These physiological responses to different temperatures work to improve blood flow, reduce inflammation and assist in muscle recovery. 

Stage 2: Compresion

Following a contrast therapy protocol the body is encouraged to warm itself back up, which stimulates neurogenesis and increases your endorphins levels, helping to minimising inflammation and pain and accelerate recovery. Paired with a 30 minute duration in our compression devices whereby the unique pulse technology of the NormaTec device will mimic the muscular contractions necessary to improve lymphatic functioning, in turn improving the removal of out built up waste products in the body which contribute to muscle soreness and inflammation. Together,contrast therapy and compression massage will work in combination to improve and encourage the recovery and healing of muscle pain, which means you will be able to get back to playing your respective sport or working out much quicker than normal.

Protocol Schedule


20 min

30 min

Contrast Therapy


Pro tip

our NormaTec devices have three specialised attachments, each targeting specific areas of the body: legs, hips, and arms. To gain the most out of this protocol, speak to one of our friendly staff to see which attachment suits your recovery needs