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At TH7 BodyLabs, our mission is to empower you with the tools and education you need to achieve a higher quality of life, for today, and for your future self. 

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Welcome to TH7 West End

Paving the way towards a proactive health and wellbeing journey, we have combined the latest technologies to create unique science-based protocols to help you feel better and live younger.

Built with a commitment to Science and Quality

We believe that prevention is better than cure and are committed to creating a positive impact within the local community by providing unique evidence-based health protocols to all individuals no matter their journey.

West End TH7

West End Facility

Our clinics are designed with your health and wellbeing at the forefront of what we do to help you embrace the potential of a longer and more optimised life.


Two recently released studies show clinical improvements in energy and health from protocols offered at TH7 Body labs.

Recent studies also show positive benefits to focus and productivity from protocols that we offer.


We can help your employees feel better faster and stay healthy, which leads to increased productivity. As a result, employers experience significant savings.

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Using state of the art equipment

Your road to health, wellness an recovery starts here. Each protocol is backed by the latest research, cutting-edge tech and a mission to elevate your quality of life.

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