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Taking an ice bath has many benefits. Exposing your body to extremely cold water reacts by triggering a “fight or flight” response. That response sends your body into a panic, where it prioritises sending your organs more blood to maintain your core temperature. While this happens, your blood circulation improves. You may also find that inflammation and muscle soreness are reduced as well.

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Benefits of Ice Baths Sunshine Coast

Deliberate cold exposure is one way to activate hormesis, an advantageous biological reaction to a mildly stressful stimulus whereby a range of adaptive bodily responses are activated. These responses have been found to contribute to reduced inflammation, improved immune function, enhanced athletic performance, and quicker muscle recovery.

Cold water therapy has the potential to stimulate your body’s immune system, as suggested by some evidence. This indicates a potential improvement in your body’s ability to combat pathogens.

Research has been conducted to investigate whether individuals could enhance the antibodies in their bodies through regular practices of cryotherapy, breathwork, and meditation.

Subjects were intentionally exposed to a bacterial infection, and the group incorporating these methods exhibited fewer symptoms. They generated more antibodies and fewer cytokines in response to the bacteria.

In this study, breathwork techniques were perceived as more impactful than ice baths in reducing cold and flu symptoms. Nevertheless, cold water exposure was associated with developing resistance to stress over an extended period.

Cleanse and Revitalize

The lymphatic system, an intricate network of vessels spanning the entire body, plays a crucial role in removing unwanted toxins from cells. In essence, it consistently processes toxins, cleansing your system.

Its functionality relies on muscle contractions, which pump fluid through the vessels as it lacks a dedicated pump like the cardiovascular system. If the lymphatic system becomes congested with toxins, it may slow down, becoming less effective, and toxins can accumulate.

In the context of an ice bath, the cold temperatures prompt the contraction of your lymph vessels, activating the lymphatic system to flush lymph fluids back into your system through the lymph nodes. This, in turn, activates the white blood cell brigade, also known as your immune system, which targets any unwanted foreign bodies in the fluid.

Relieve Sore and Aching Muscles

Cold water therapy, a recovery method, has demonstrated its ability to reduce inflammation and alleviate what is known as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) by enhancing blood circulation and constricting blood vessels.

Enhance Blood Sugar Regulation

Half an hour of cold exposure has been shown to lower blood sugar levels. However, individuals with diabetes should seek advice before attempting ice bath therapy.

Alleviate Stress

Immersing the body in cold water can have significant impacts on stress levels, attributed to the stimulation of noradrenaline, a key player in mood regulation.

Reduce Inflammation and Swelling

Many medical professionals concur that cold temperatures are effective in alleviating swelling and inflammation.

Consider an ice pack applied to a sprained ankle; it achieves this by constricting blood vessels, diminishing swelling, and buffering the nervous system to alleviate pain. This underscores cold water body immersion as a evident treatment in the care of injured athletes or as part of a recovery regimen.

Pro tip
Cold exposure immediately after resistance training may blunt muscle adaptations necessary for muscle growth and strength. As such, if muscle growth is your goal, avoid engaging in any form of deliberate cold exposure for 4-6 hours following strength training.

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1 hr 45 mins
  • Infrared sauna: 45 min
  • Contrast therapy: 10 min
  • HBOT: 60 min
  • Cold exposure: 1
Raising internal body temperature through both near and far infrared light encourages the body to sweat and eliminate any built up toxins. Combined with the improved blood flow provided by contrast therapy and the increased uptake of oxygen provided by oxygen therapy, the detox protocol is the ideal set up for those wanting to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

How does our ice bath on the Sunshine Coast work?

We kick into survival mode when our bodies are exposed to extremely cold water, like from an ice bath. In response to the cold water shock, your blood vessels constrict to help keep your core body temperature by sending your blood to vital organs, which in turn can reduce inflammation and swelling.

When you leave the water, your body temperature slowly returns to normal, improving nutrient and oxygen transportation, reducing muscle fatigue and relaxing your mind. Stress response initiated by cold water has been shown to increase dopamine and noradrenaline, which are neurochemicals responsible for boosting your mood and state of mind.

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Ice Bath FAQs

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Individuals have different thresholds for how much stress their bodies can handle. The standard time for an ice bath is generally one minute of cold immersion per degree of the water temperature.
Yes, ice baths can reduce inflammation and swelling around injuries. However, this depends on the type of injury you have. Ice baths are best for muscle-related injuries, not open wounds.
It’s not suggested for pregnant women to take ice baths. We’d suggest that you check with a healthcare professional before taking an ice bath if you’re pregnant or have other health conditions.

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