Improve circulation and mobility throughout the body with this uniquely designed combination of both hot and cold therapies
  • Sauna: 20 min
  • Contrast therapy: 18 min
  • Cold exposure: 3

Improve circulation and mobility throughout the body with this uniquely designed combination of both hot and cold therapies

The initial increase in body temperature in the sauna encourages the body to cool itself down through increasing blood flow and heart rate, contributing to cardiovascular conditioning, similar to the effects of moderate exercise. In combination with the traditional sauna, the contrast pools work to constrict (in the cold) and then dilate (in the hot) the blood vessels, creating a pumping like mechanism. These changes in blood flow over a contrast session, stimulates neurogenesis, increases endorphins levels, reduces inflammation, and accelerates muscle recovery.
for 38 mins total
Group bookings available

Why the Norse protocol?

The Norse Protocol is an adaptation of our nordic cycle however provides more of a challenge in the contrast therapy component. This protocol is ideal for individuals looking to improve muscle recovery, reduce inflammation and increase mental resilience.

Enhanced cardiovascular health

Sauna exposure mimics cardiovascular exercise, improving heart function and increasing physical endurance through increased heart rate and blood circulation

Reduced inflammation

Through alternating between our cold and hot pools contrast therapy works to minimise inflammation and muscle soreness by sequentially redistributing blood flow multiple times across a given cycle.

Improved mental resilience

The Norse protocol prioritises time in the ice bath, providing an additional mental challenge to our typical contrast protocols. This training of mental resilience through regular cold exposure aims to help individuals build an improved stress response enabling them to better cope with other everyday stressors.

20 minutes

Stage 1: Traditional sauna

In the sauna, the body increases blood flow to the muscles and encourages the body to sweat in order to cool down. These thermoregulatory responses contribute to improved cardiovascular health, reduced muscle soreness and fight against inflammation throughout the body.
Increased:Energy, Focus, Immunity
Decreased:Fatigue, Inflammation, Stress
18 minutes

Stage 2: Contrast therapy

Alternating between the hot and cold pools through a contrast therapy protocol will further promote better circulation, enhancing the delivery nutrient-rich blood throughout the body, aiding in muscle recovery and relaxation and reducing inflammation.
Increased:Energy, Focus, Immunity
Decreased:Fatigue, Inflammation, Stress

Norse schedule


20 min

30 min

Contrast Therapy


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If engaging in this protocol later at night, finish your contrast therapy session in the hot pool. This ensures the body is actively cooling itself down which is complementary to our bodies need to cool down 1-2 degrees to get to sleep

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