Traditional Saunas

Theragun Treatment Therapy

The 4th generation of percussive devices from Therabody sports

Ice Baths

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers

Infuse your body with oxygen under pressure to improve recovery, boost cognition, and alleviate inflammation.

Compression Boots Therapy

Contrast Therapy Pools

The contrast therapy procedure encompasses alternating sequences of hot and cold, creating a pumping action in the blood and muscles that enhances oxygen and nutrient supply to the body tissues. These changes in blood flow contribute to many of the established benefits of this therapy, including reduced swelling and inflammation, improved energy and focus, and stress reduction, which in turn promotes relaxation.

Steam Rooms

Secure your inaugural relaxation session at our Brisbane Spa today.

Full Body Cryotherapy Chambers

Infrared Saunas

Our premium infrared saunas provide a fantastic chance to relax and alleviate stress.

Stage 1: Traditional sauna

In the sauna, the body increases blood flow to the muscles and encourages the body to sweat in order to cool down. These thermoregulatory responses contribute to improved cardiovascular health, reduced muscle soreness and fight against inflammation throughout the body.

Stage 2: contrast therapy

Alternating between the hot and cold pools through a contrast therapy protocol will further promote better circulation, enhancing the delivery nutrient-rich blood throughout the body, aiding in muscle recovery and relaxation and reducing inflammation

Protocol Schedule


20 min

30 min

Contrast Therapy


Pro tip

If engaging in this protocol later at night, finish your contrast therapy session in the hot pool. This ensures the body is actively cooling itself down which is complementary to our bodies need to cool down 1-2 degrees to get to sleep